Pig Hearts, Let’s Learn To Empathize: Response to Undercover Slaughterhouse Video

A young activists response to the release of yet another undercover slaughterhouse video

Written by Alecia Cotroneo, Freelance Writer
Huff Post Article
Click here to watch the full video and read the article on the Huffington Post’s website.

Today, I came across an article posted on the front page of The Huffington Post. This particular article highlighted the horrific experience that pigs in this country must face when wheeled to the slaughter house. The cold operators of this system, well aware of the reality of these pigs still being fully alive and in capacity of pain, continue forth with their slaughtering, making sneer comments and giggles to their fellow workers along the way. I tried very hard upon reading this article to hold back my anger. And full upfront disclosure, this commentary is heavily biased.

Screen shot 2015-11-13 at 5.06.12 PM
Screen shot of QPP’s website: The video was taken inside Quality Pork Processors, in Austin, Minnesota by an investigator for animal rights nonprofit Compassion Over Killing some time this year. QPP supplies more than half of the “fresh pork raw material needs” for Hormel, the maker of Spam and other processed meat products, according to QPP’s website.

First I would like to say that I cannot imagine what it would be like on that slaughter wheel, and luckily I may never have to (and yes I use the word MAY deliberately). Secondly, I will point out as well that the brain of pig highly resembles that of a human. This, of course, comes well equipped with a full set and variety of emotions very well understood by human life. These pigs were shaking with pain by the time they made it through the wheel, and although U.S. law requires these pigs to be stunned prior to slaughter, these workers clearly did not care to comply. This means that these pigs felt every single poke, prod, and stab that was committed during the process.

I am not arguing the consuming of meat is ethically wrong per say; but it is ignorant to think that we do not need to take a deeper look at ethics and practices that this country utilizes for its disgustingly mass produced animal protein craze.

Screen shot 2015-11-13 at 5.07.46 PM

If the production line wasn’t bad enough, these pigs also suffered from severe ulcers of the skin and all displayed open wounds covering their bodies during their death. As a direct result of poor conditions during life, these pigs are stressed, hurt, and sick. I’m not sure where people think this sickness and stress goes after they die but they sure as hell don’t believe that is right into their shoveling holes filled with Wal-Mart bacon. We as consumers completely digest this stress and sickness.

With the rise of cancer, allergies, abnormal bodily growths, and premature puberty in children it is safe to say that consumers are completely ignorant of the true causes. No one would deliberately spoon feed their growing and susceptible children heaping scoops of mutated cells, and hormone injected genes would they? Pick up one more piece of that bacon and enjoy.


These practices not only raise the questions derived from how we are treating our animals on the chopping block but also raise the very true conviction that we, ourselves, are the reason for the rises in life threatening disease. It is one thing to turn the other cheek to these poor squealing pigs in heart wrenching pain, but it is another thing to feed the tainted meat to your children and continuously claim its safety. What will force people to listen when childhood cancer isn’t even enough to do it?

The Huffington Post Article:


Pigs are like us:



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