The Best ReUsable Water Bottles


Written by Angela D’Aurizio, UB Environmental Studies Major

Whether you’re off to work or off to class, don’t leave home without your reusable water bottle! Last year, the average American used 167 disposable water bottles, but only recycled 38, according to the Pacific Institute. When you purchase single use bottled water, you’re paying 1000% more for water compared to the price of tap water. So check out these alternatives to buying single use and save money while helping to save the earth!


Brita-Filter-Water-Bottles-Filters1Brita Sport Water Filter Bottle 

Who wouldn’t love a bottle that filters your water as you pour it in? That’s exactly what you get when you buy a Brita Bottle. This reusable, lightweight bottle has filters that last for up to 300 uses and is BPA-free. Price: $8; 20 ounces. Available at: Walmart, eBay, Filters Fast, and



AladdinAladdin Perfect Water Bottle

Say goodbye to warm water and hello to cool refreshing H2O. This stainless steel water bottle keeps liquids cold for a whopping 8 hours! That’s equivalent to one full working day, can you believe that? Price: $20; 16 ounces. Available, Walgreens, and Walmart



Clean-Bottle-The-Square-650x511Clean Bottle the Square

Have you ever had trouble sticking your hand all the way in your water bottle to clean it? Say no more. This bottle has an unscrewable bottom (and top) that allows for quick and easy cleaning. If you thought that was cool, listen to this: the Clean Bottle the Square has flat sides, so it’ll never roll away. Price: $45; 20 ounces. Available at: and



DSC_0177_002Autospout Waveland

One hand is better than two — said no one ever (unless you own an Autospout Waveland). With a press of a button the spout pops up and you can take a sip. Now you’ll never miss a text to open your water bottle. $12; 18 ounces. Available at: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and



CamelBak-Tritan-Better-BottleCamelBak Better Bottle

Available in 14 colors, you can be reassured there’s a CamelBak Better Bottle in your favorite shade. All bottles are leak and spill proof so you’ll never waste a drop. $13; 32 ounces. Available at:, and



160615740545-0_600Nalgene Wide Mouth Everyday

The wide mouth on this water bottle is large enough for ice to fit, how cool! And don’t worry about spilling while sipping, there’s a splash guard for that. $9; 16 ounce $10; 32 ounce. Available at:, and Dick’s Sporting Goods



Thermos-Intak-Hydration-BottleIntak Thermos – Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle

The Intak has a rubber grip that adds extra grasp while holding it. With the push of a button, a plastic cap pops up, opening the bottle with just one hand. $20; 18 ounce. Available at:



kleanClassic Klean Kanteen

This water bottle has electropolished interior that doesn’t retain or impart flavors, so your water won’t ever taste like the iced tea you drank the day before. $21.99; 27 ounces. Available at:





swellS’well Water Bottle

You’ll never have more fun when it comes to picking a water bottle. With over 10 collections of unique designs, you’ll never want to leave the house without your S’well. This sleek and stylish water bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. It’s vacuum sealed and doesn’t condensate, so your hands won’t get wet when you take a sip. $25-$35; 17 ounces. Available at



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