Letter from the Editor

Written by Jenna Bower, Co-Founder

Jenna Bower, Co-Founder / Social Media, Advertising & Marketing Coordinator
Jenna Bower, Co-Founder / Social Media, Advertising & Marketing Director

Why should I care about sustainability? What is HSF? Who are the wizards behind the curtain?

Well, I’ll tell you little munchkins.

Humans for a Sustainable Future is a grassroots organization that started in a room lovingly referred to as ‘the hippie den’ by myself and two of my roommates. It began with the intention of spreading the plethora of information that already exists about sustainability, in the hope that we could reach another audience that might not have previously been listening. We want to educate and advocate for sustainable practices at home, at school, in the workplace, in private and public facilities and across the world.

Sustainability is a practice, but it begins with a mindset. Anything and everything can be looked at through the lens of ‘sustainability’.

How do you sustain your personal relationships? How do you build a business model that can sustain the growth of that business? How do you sustain your health and your wealth in your own lives? How do we sustain a society, built on the ideals of consumerism, waste culture, and greed?

The answer is, we don’t.

That society cannot sustain itself. That society needs to shift, to start thinking about the longevity of it’s life, to start thinking beyond the lives of this generation and start thinking about our progeny.

An offshoot of our organization is the Humans for a Sustainable Future Magazine. This is a project that I am spearheading for my undergaduate thesis project in the art department at the University at Buffalo. I’ll be art directing this magazine for my thesis project, contributing to and curating it’s many different facets and quirks.

I’ll be collaborating with photographers, journalists, illustrators, artists, community members, and other student sustainability leaders to make this happen.

We’ll be uploading and sharing content along the way, until the printed edition comes out in April, so check back every now and then and see what we’re up to!

Thank you for your support as we venture out into the world of endless possibilities.

Jenna Bower

University at Buffalo

B.F.A Communications Design

Creative Director of Marketing – Sub Board, Inc.

Graphic Designer – UB Sustainability



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  1. Ramsey Lloyd says:

    Individuals are not blameless or irresponsible for their usages of electricity, water, gas-powered automobiles- We can use less of what we know harms the environment. But we’re human, we make mistakes. We leave lights on, we drink too much-pee too much-pee and flush too much, we watch TV when we’re tired at night. Our government has to help us, and our leaders need to support sustainable energy sources so we can afford to make those mistakes, or else we’ll never get out of this.

    But individuals cannot be blameless- you are responsible for the electricity you use. Just, imagine being in a world where flicking a light switch wasn’t comparable to putting a magnifying glass in the Ozone.


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